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Climate and the decline of great civilizations are related

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According to an article published by the journal Science, oak tree growth rings enable us to ascertain whether a given season was good for human life and development. Nasty climate conditions coincide with political turmoil and social changes. Relying on the researched facts, we can assert that the Fall of the Roman Empire occurred during times of great climate instability, because the tree growth rings of that period are tighter as water and nutrients supply were scarce.

Source: BBC, Science and Environment.


Arqueòleg afeccionat troba casc romà al Regne Unit

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Un arqueòleg afeccionat de Cúmbria, Regne Unit, ha trobat utilitzant un detector de metalls un espectacular casc romà.

Roman cavalry helmet found with metal detector may go abroad at auction

Bronze helmet valued at £300,000 uncovered at farm near Crosby Garrett in Cumbria.

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Gladiators beheaded – Gladiadors decapitats a Anglaterra

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S’han identificat les restes d’uns cossos que havien decapitat i que havien estat mossegats per lleons. Eren gladiadors… a la ciutat anglesa de York!?

The mystery of 1,800-year-old remains unearthed in York may have been solved thanks to bite and hammer marks on their decapitated skulls.

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